Audiodocumentari, I Can Almost See The Lights Of Home, Un podcast del Circolo Gianni Bosio - Archivio Franco Coggiola

I CAN ALMOST SEE THE LIGHTS OF HOME EP.01 – Harlan County, Kentucky

Nuovo episodio: parte prima di due, EP.01 – Harlan County, Kentucky

Nella serie “I Can Almost See The Lights of Home”. Storia degli Stati Uniti D’America in un posto solo: Harlan County, Kentucky.

Part 1 of the “I Can Almost See The Lights of Home” series. Portelli and Hardy uncover the whole history and memory of the United States in this one symbolic place -Harlan County, Kentucky – through settlement, civil war, slavery, industrialization, immigration, labor conflict, technological change, migration, strip mining, environmental and social crises, and resistance.

    • EP.01 • Harlan County, Kentucky •

“Part ethnography, part oral history, part radio documentary, ‘I Can Almost See the Lights of Home’ is a hybrid work, an ‘essay-in-sound’ designed to be heard, not read. It is best, then, not to read along while listening. This is a long work, so we have divided it into sections. The outline below lists the order and time of the different chapters and movements. A transcription of the essay, complete with song lyrics and the names of speakers, is included elsewhere in the Journal for reference.” — Charles Hardy III





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